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Accounting Tax Based Solutions

Cost Segregation Studies

Cost segregation is a strategic tool utilized by tax professionals, commercial real estate owners, investors, tenants and developers to accelerate depreciation deductions, reduce tax liability and increase cash flow by identifying certain assets that can be reclassified to a shorter depreciable life. This IRS accepted practice, if conducted by a qualified individual, is 100% defensible and can be utilized on commercial and income producing residential property.

Asset Management Studies

Asset Management studies are similar to cost segregation with a more detailed approach in costing out and valuing all assets associated with the commercial or income-producing property. This is extremely beneficial with regards to property acquisition. The depreciable basis of acquired assets starts over once a property is acquired. RSG’s Asset Management studies allow our clients to not only accurately depreciated their assets but to also write-down the remaining life of an asset when it is retired.

Property Tax Appeals

RSG specializes in property tax appeals nationwide. Our services are tailored to fit a client’s needs by dedicating the resources of our team to solve your property tax problems. The area of ad valorem taxes is highly specialized and so is our proven process. We offer no-cost initial consultation on all income producing properties, to include but not limited to multi-family, office, retail, big box, hotels and self-storage.

Recovery Audits

Recovery auditing is the methodical process of reviewing disbursement transactions and related supporting data to identify and recover various forms of overpayment and under-deductions to suppliers. RSG's audit services not only have bottom-line impact but can also improve your company?s financial performance.

Capital Reserve Studies

Capital Reserve Studies are developed for the purpose of directing the association Board of Trustees and HOA's in the development of a maintenance and reserve fund which is of sufficient size to cover anticipated repairs/replacements of various system components within the facility in question during the next twenty years.

RSG's Capital Reserve Study is based on an on-site review of the systems in the building(s), a review of plans provided by the client, and discussions with members/owners. A budget preparation package is included with the report. The information gathered is presented to the clients and delivered in report format.

1031 Exchange

1031 exchange services are a valuable tool for any owner or investor of Real Estate and should be considered when he/she expects to acquire a replacement "like kind" property subsequent to the sale of his existing investment property. Anything otherwise would necessitate the payment of a capital gain tax, which is currently 15%, but may go to 20% in future years. Also include the federal and state tax rates of your given state when doing a 1031 exchange. The main reason for a 1031 is that the IRS depreciates capital real estate investments at a 3% per year rate as long as you hold the investment, until it is fully depreciated.

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